Dr Fred Nouh


Total Hip Replacement (THA) is one of the most successful Orthopaedic procedures performed today. It is a highly effective operation at relieving pain caused by arthritis that restores hip function and strength It will allow you to maintain an active lifestyle in greater comfort without the burden of pain.

Anterior Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement with anterior approach refers to surgeries done from in front of the hip. An anterior hip replacement is a surgical procedure that is less invasive than posterior and lateral approaches. Entering your hip from the front causes less damage to surrounding muscles and tendons, which leads to a faster recovery.

In the short-term, anterior hip replacement is less painful and leads to a quicker recovery of mobility and strength compared to a posterior or lateral approach. The long-term outcome is very good and similar to other approaches.

Once you have arthritis which has not responded to conservative treatment, you may well be a candidate for total hip replacement surgery.

The anterior approach is most often used when arthritis is the reason for a hip replacement. But it can also be used to replace hips with any type of damage. It can even be used to fix a hip that has previously been replaced.

Unlike in lateral and posterior approaches, muscles and tendons don’t have to be cut when an anterior approach is used for hip replacement. This has many benefits.


  • Less invasive, leaving more muscles and tissues in tact
  • Less painful
  • Faster and easier recovery
  • Less muscle trauma
  • Quicker recovery and shorter hospital stay
  • Lower risk of hip dislocation after surgery
  • More functionality when discharged to go home
  • Fewer restrictions on activity after surgery

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The recovery time for hip replacement surgery varies depending on the type of job you have. If you have a desk job, you may be able to return to work within 3 to 4 weeks. If you have a physical job, you may need to be off for 10 to 12 weeks before you can return to work.

You will be able to resume driving 6 weeks after surgery.

The surgery itself takes between 1 and 2 hours.

A hip replacement surgery is a surgical procedure in which the damaged hip joint is replaced with a prosthetic joint. The surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia and involves an incision in the front, side, or back of the hip. The damaged femoral head and acetabulum are removed and replaced with prosthetic components. Bone cement may be used to secure the femoral prosthesis to the bone, and screws may be used to secure the metal socket into the pelvis.